Winter's Cheer - Original Acrylic Landscape Painting on Canvas (24" x 30" x 1")

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Winter's Cheer ~ A Winter Wonderland Original Landscape Painting 

An original acrylic landscape painting that embraces nature, instills calmness and serenity! This painting was inspired by the beauty of Canadian winters. 

To some, winter is a dreary and desolate season. To me, winter is not dreary nor desolate, but rather a unique type of landscape with an almost surreal colour scheme and complex shadows. Details otherwise hidden, such as the forms and intricacies of snow covered roads, trees and rocks, are highlighted in this painting. This painting celebrates nature, untouched by human footprints or machinery. It depicts a very calm and peaceful, dreamlike scenery where time is suspended.

Landscape Painting  - Acrylic on Canvas (not framed)                                                                   

Artist : Anaïs Kreklewich

Dimensions - 24" x 30" x 1" (not framed)

*This painting is also listed on the artist's own store/website, As soon as this painting is sold, all of the listings in each store will be deactivated.*


A Limited quantity of Print on Canvas of Winter's Cheer is also available.

See Print on Canvas.

Conditions of sale:
The artist, Anaïs Kreklewich, retains ownership of all copyright to the painting, Winter's Cheer, including the right to reproduce or licence images and digital images of the original painting for commercial purposes.

Charity Donations:
With the sale of this original landscape painting, $30 will be donated to "Habitat for Humanity".

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