108 Beads Japa Mala - Onyx, Tiger's Eyes, Buddha Lotus Wood Bead

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108 Japa mala necklace with onyx, tiger's eyes gemstones and mantra wood beads! This is a 108 bead mala made with 8 mm smooth round onyx stones as the main beads. It has a large 18 mm red wood bead with a traditional lotus knot tassle as the guru bead. Namasté.

Onyx: success, strength, happiness and good fortune; base chakra

Tiger's Eye: protection, success, courage, intuition, balance; solar plexus chakra

Materials: onyx gemstones 8 mm; tiger's eyes 10 mm; engraved red wood beads 18 mm; silk or nylon cords

Length: 35 inches

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