108 Beads Mala ~ Obsidians & Jasper

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Japa mala with 108 red jasper stones and 5 obsidian gemstones and a unique Buddha guru wood bead!

Jasper, also known as the supreme nurturer, is a grounding stone that stabilizes emotions, brings tranquility and reduces fear. It is a protective stone that calms and promotes health. 

Black obsidian is a grounding stone that calms and soothes, provides strength and compassion. It brings wisdom, peace of mind, and balance for the body, mind and spirit. Black Obsidian is also a strongly protective stone that protects against negativity and absorbs negative energies. It helps relieve tension and bring clarity.

Made with love and positive thoughts, this 108 bead japa mala has one hundred and eight 8 mm red jasper round stones, five 10 mm obsidian round stones, two 8 mm obsidian round stones and a large 15 mm red wood bead with a lotus knot tassel as the guru bead. A 10 mm black obsidian bead is used to mark each of the 4 intervals of 27 red jasper beads.

Jasper: grounding, calming, stabilizing; yin/yan balance, protection, strength; base chakra

Obsidian: protection, strength, compassion, clarity; base chakra

Materials: red jasper gemstones 8 mm; obsidian gemstones 8 mm and 10 mm; Buddha red wood bead; silk and nylon cords


"Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." ~ Sanskrit Proverb 

<<Hier n’est qu’un rêve et demain n’est qu’une illusion. Mais un aujourd’hui bien vécu fait de chaque hier un rêve de bonheur et de chaque demain une vision d’espoir.>> 
-- Proverbe Sanskrit

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