A Dream Gone Wild - Original Art Cards

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A Dream Gone Wild! The image on these note cards are reproductions of an original abstract acrylic landscape painting on masonite board. Most of the painting was done using a palette knife to give the painting an added sense of movement and dimension. What starts off as rocks and grass turns into a wild ocean of surreal colours. If looked at closely enough, animals start to take form under the eye, from dolphins, to serpents, to birds, to the bunny to the hidden owl in the tree! Every time you look, there is something new to find that captures your attention.

You will receive a set of five note cards (4 x 5.5 inches) with envelopes.These note cards (4" x 5.5") are inspiring, unique and perfect for any occasions, birthdays, weddings, gifts, notes, thank you cards ..., they can also be framed or displayed.

The original painting is sold, it is no longer available for purchase.

Conditions of sale: The artist, Anaïs Kreklewich, retains ownership of all copyright to the original painting and image, including the right to reproduce or licence digital images of the original painting and image for commercial purposes.

Charity Donations: With the sale of this item, $1 will be donated to "Habitat for Humanity".

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