Botswana Eye Agates Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

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Botswana agates and faceted sterling silver beads (think disco balls) dangle earrings! Botswana agates are beautiful multicoloured stones that have a variety of colours and hues with white patterns. Botswana agate is very sought after for its healing attributes. Botswana agates are well-known fertility stones, they are also known as "eye agates" for they are believed to ward off the evil eye.

Materials: oval Botswana agates approx. 14 x 18 mm; sterling silver

Length: 5.5 cm or 2.2"

Botswana agate: ward off evil eye, fertility, energy, protection, strength, cleansing: crown chakra

Charity Donations: With the sale of each item, $1 will be donated to "Doctors Without Borders/M̩édecins Sans Frontiers" and "WE". 

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