Celtic Knot Silk String of Fate & Amethyst Charm

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“An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.” – Ancient Chinese Proverb

Inspirational Celtic endless knot pendant and amethyst sterling silver charm on a silk string bracelet! Love and protection for yourself, as gifts for him, for her ...

Red String Bracelet is an auspicious symbol worn by many cultures and religions for good luck, love, energy and protection. It is usually worn on the left wrist, as in the Judaism and Kabbalah tradition, to ward off the evil eye and negative energies! 

Also available in black silk string!

The Celtic knot symbol, or endless or mystic knot, speaks to the beginnings and endings of time, or rather the timeless or endless nature of our spirit, the infinite cycles of life. It has also long been used as a symbol of eternity, longevity, luck and a talisman against negativity or setbacks.

Amethyst: February birthstone; balance, protection, focus, crown chakra

This listing is for ONE red silk string bracelet with Celtic know pendant and amethyst gemstone sterling silver charm.

Materials: colourfast, braided natural red silk string; amethyst stone 6 mm; sterling silver wire and bead; silver-plated Celtic knot pendant 18 mm x 15mm; 

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