J'arrive, mon amour! ~ Photo Cards

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Romantic horse drawn carriage greeting card! These charming old-world horse-drawn carriages can be seen strolling on the street of cobble stones in Vieux Qu̩ébec. La Ville de Qu̩ébec, located in Qu̩ébec, Canada is the European, French city of North America. Once stepped foot in the historic part of town, you will forget that you are in North America, You are transported back in time to old European charm.

You will receive one greeting card (5 x 7 inches) with one envelope, with a quality 4x6 photograph on each card. This all purpose blank greeting card is stylish, unique and perfect for any occasions, birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, gifts, notes, thank you cards ..., it can also be framed or displayed.

Conditions of sale: The photgrapher, Athénaïs RK, retains ownership of all copyright to the original image, including the right to reproduce or licence digital images of the original painting and image for commercial purposes.

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