Mother of Pearl Mask Lanyard & Necklace

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It's a pearl necklace, it's a lanyard and holder for face masks, glasses, keys, name tags ... .. An elegant and essential accessory! 

Wear it as a long necklace, a lanyard for keys, glasses or to hold your face mask when it is not in use. Your choice of optional Tree of Life or Labyrinth pendant to add style and significance! A stylish and functional piece of jewelry for yourself and your friends and family! (One disposal face mask included with purchase.)

Mother of Pearl is priced as a gentle and protective stone that has retained the healing power of the sea. It is a well-known calming, stress relieving stone that helps balance and calm the emotions. It is believed to be a particularly important stone of protection for children. Mother of Pearl, also know as 'nacre', is the iridescent shiny inside lining of a shell such as an abalone, an oyster or a pearl shell. It is said to attract prosperity, protect from negative influence and energies. Mother of Pearl is also a 1st wedding anniversary stone.

The ever popular and meaningful Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions and cultures. It symbolizes many things, including life, wisdom, protection, beauty, strength, abundance, redemption and God’s Grace. The tree is the only living thing that continues to grow throughout its lifetime, thus the tree is seen as a powerful symbol of growth.

The labyrinth represents the journey to the centre (inner self) and back. It has been used for centuries as a meditation and prayer tool. A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that dates back to prehistoric times. It is a powerful tool in many religion and cultures for tending of the soul. It is a mystical tool for spiritual growth, inner enhancement, wholeness and enlightment. In many cultures, it is also a form of protection against the “evil eye”.

Mother of Pearl: 1st Anniversary stone , calming, protection, stress relief, emotional balance, prosperity, of the sea; intuition; love

The Tree of Life symbolizes Life, Wisdom, Protection, Beauty, Redemption, Abundance, Strength, God's Grace

Labyrinth: Tending of the soul; Spiritual growth; Journey to inner self and enlightenment; Protection against the "evil eye"; Attaining wholeness, enlightenment; Meditation; prayer

Materials: Mother of Pearl gemstones 4 to 6 mm; silver-plated pendant 22 mm 

Necklace Length: 29 to 30 inches

"Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." ~ Sanskrit Proverb 

<<Hier n’est qu’un rêve et demain n’est qu’une illusion. Mais un aujourd’hui bien vécu fait de chaque hier un rêve de bonheur et de chaque demain une vision d’espoir.>> 
-- Proverbe Sanskrit

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