The Lotus Flower Matte Onyx Mala Bracelet

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The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity, rebirth, spiritual perfection, divine birth and enlightenment. The lotus is a water plant that grows in mud, the stem emerges above the muddy water and a beautiful flower blooms, sitting pristinely above water, untouched by the murk that it came from. The lotus flower's growth and rise symbolizes the journey of rising above murkiness to achieve enlightenment. In Buddhism, Buddha is often depicted sitting on a lotus in bloom.

Onyx is a highly protective stone that strengthens the mind and centers your energy. It is also a stone of success, happiness and good fortune.

Onyx: success, strength, protection, happiness and good fortune; base chakra

Materials: matte onyx gemstones 10 mm; sterling silver; silver-plated Lotus charm; strong stretch cords

Size Guide:

Bracelet Size       Wrist Size

X-Small                    Under 5"

Small                        5" to 6"

Medium                    6" to 6.5"

Large                        6.5" to 7"

X-Large                    7" to 8"

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