Peridot and Leo

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Peridot, a.k.a. “Tears of Pele”, “The Evening Emerald” and “The Gem of the Sun”, is the traditional birthstone of August. There are two other modern day August birthstones too, Sardonyx and Spinel.

Peridot is a dazzling gemstone with different shades of lime green, a crystal that symbolizes happiness, opportunity, wealth and love. Peridot is a well known talisman, it has been used for centuries for protection, to chase away nightmares, jealousy and envy.

This beautiful heart chakra crystal is given to celebrate the 16th marriage anniversary. Wear peridots to bring confidence and strength to follow your dreams!

Leo, child of the dazzling Sun, it’s your time to shine! Spread your warmth and light to all those around you! Channel your inner lion! Lead the way with your legendary charisma, live in the moment, even if it means creating some spectacular drama!

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“Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”
~ Sanskrit Proverb

<<Hier n’est qu’un rêve et demain n’est qu’une illusion. Mais un aujourd’hui bien vécu fait de chaque hier un rêve de bonheur et de chaque demain une vision d’espoir.>>
-- Proverbe Sanskrit



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